Newcastle/Gateshead Medical Volunteers (NGMV) was founded in 2010 by

a group of healthcare professionals from England. The team consists of orthopaedic surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and physiotherapists. In the past six years, the charity have organised 14 trips to Iraq, helping thousands of patients.


The purpose of NGMV is to work closely with other charities, in the post war region of Kurdistan, in their quest to meet the humanitarian needs of the local people. NGMV provide much needed orthopaedic assessment and surgical services for the Iraqi people.  The aim is to make regular visits to Iraq, in order to provide timely assessment, surgical intervention and follow up services to patients with musculoskeletal problems.


 In the past 6 years, the NGMV charity has worked in partnership with the Nechirvan Health Aid Office and Barzani Charity Foundation to provide social  and humanitarian aid in Kurdistan to the people who need it most – regardless of their beliefs or ethnicity.  Focusing on projects that help rebuild the shattered lives of the thousands of displaced people in this devastated society. NGMV are committed to making at least 2 trips per year to deliver musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic services to people in this area.








          Charity Work


Registered Charity Number 1137730

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Newcastle Gateshead Medical Volunteers

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Voluntary Orthopaedic Surgery Home and Abroad

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