The war in Iraq has resulted in the displacement of vast numbers of doctors and health care professionals leaving a huge void in the number of suitably qualified and experienced surgeons.  


The Nechirvan health aid office and Barzani Charity Foundation have funded many medical projects that have provided free health care to the less fortunate families of the Kurdistan region.  


More recently, they have been instrumental in rebuilding Erbil’s teaching hospital and they continue to provide project expenses, equipment, medicines and the infrastructure to support surgery in many specialties. Orthopaedic surgery continues to present a unique challenge due the lack of prosthetics and specialist surgical equipment available to the hospitals in this region.



Memorandum of understanding with Newcastle/Gateshead Medical Volinteers (NGMV)


1. Nechirvan health aid office and Barzani Charity Foundation are a non-governmental, not for profit organization. BCF was founded in 2006 and registered with the ministry of interior (Kurdistan regional government) according to the organization of law No: 14.  BCF provide relief for people living in the Kurdistan region. BCF works across different sectors and provides assistance in several humanitarian domains such as: health care, emergency relief, the Awareness Campaign, teaching and training, capacity building & income generation, refugee integration, victim support, domestic violence, etc. Nechirvan health aid office and BCF work in partnership with several national and international organizations to provide health service to people in need regardless of political, ethnic or religious background.


2.  Newcastle/Gateshead Medical Volunteers (NGMV) is a group of health care professionals living in the UK. The NGMV is willing to provide the clinical knowledge and expertise of it's volunteers to patients and health care professionals in the Kurdistan region.

This service includes organizing outpatient clinics, performing surgical operations and arranging basic teaching and training courses for medical student and Kurdish health care professionals. NGMV will convey this assistance and support through the BCF medical team.


3.  NGMV works to encourage volunteers, other UK organizations and companies to participate in this voluntary project.

It will also seek advice and support from other European associations to further develop this mission.


4. The Nechirvan health aid office and BCF medical team will organize a list of the patients to be seen and screen medical notes prior to the NGMV visit.  The Nechirvan health aid office and BCF medical team may also arrange and facilitate various investigations prior to commencement of the clinic or preoperative assessment as deemed necessary.


Registered Charity Number 1137730

Newcastle Gateshead Medical Volunteers